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Artline Kitchens is a true specialist in kitchen cabinets.

Interloc Kitchens Manufacturing

Interloc KitchensInterloc by Artline Kitchens is a true specialist in kitchen cabinets. At the factory in South-West Sydney, kitchens are created with hands, skill and hi-tech solutions. This helps to ensure the uniformly high quality that Artline Kitchens and now Interloc Kitchens is renowned for. But the high quality does not stop at the factory, Artline Kitchens believes that quality kitchens can only be created by a quality team, from the staff in the office to the cabinet makers in the factory our staff are trained to share their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure an excellent end product.

The Artline factory site covers over 5500m², employees over 100 people who all put their professionalism into every kitchen that leaves the factory in the aim in achieving consistently high standards of quality. Not many of our customers get to see our factory and how their kitchen cabinetry is manufactured so we invite your to have a tour of the process below and look at some of the machinery we use.

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Computerised Processing

Artline Kitchens advancement in computers and CAD - CAM software has enabled us to produce and maintain our large library of cabinetry and products for the retail kitchen industry. Our software enables us to automate kitchen ordering from finalised design to production procedures, ordering of raw materials then on to machinery, producing instant programming of kitchen components for various machines. Components are individually labeled, bar coded and tracked through various check points within the
factory ensuring a complete and accurate kitchen. Also, it’s ability to produce special angle and rounded cabinets has become an easy and painless affair. With computer technology forever evolving our commitment to explore and develop new software enables us to continue to produce the highest quality kitchens in Australia.


Artline Kitchen’s has become a market leader in the successful implementation of new machinery for the kitchen industry. These state of the art machines enable us to produce kitchens much quicker and more accurately than in the past. In conjunction with our CAD - CAM software these machines produce kitchens with a minimal waste product yield helping to protect the environment of unnecessary wastage of one of its most important natural resources, timber.

Artline believes that to produce the best kitchens you need the best machines. Our close relationship with one of the leading woodworking machinery companies in the world, “Biesse” , enables us to be at the forefront with advancements in machinery technology in Europe and Australia.

Machinery currently used:

  • Flat bed routers
  • Edge banders
  • Beam saws
  • Point to Point routers
  • Horizontal borers
  • Wide belt sanders
  • Spindle moulders
  • Post formers
  • Table saws
  • Various other machinery

Our Manufacturing Process

Once the production/processing team has entered your order into our custom developed software and your order released into the production, the electronic files are transmitted to the factory floor for manufacturing. The integration of the production system and the computerised machines ensures that the product is exactly as intended at the design stage. An operator loads the data from a completed design into the controlling computer. Artline Kitchens selects only the highest quality manufacturing materials, conforming to the relevant Australian Standards and our stock levels are constantly monitored to maintain impressive turnaround times for all our customers.

Precision Machining

On the day that an order is scheduled to begin, the electronic files are loaded into the computer system that controls the flatbed router machines. The required sheet stock is placed on a router bed where it is quickly cut and shaped into the components that will become the finished order.

A turret on each router automatically loads the various tools needed to produce the parts, drill holes & cut rebates for hinges. Our two identical flatbed routers are world-leading industrial machines representing state-of-the-art cabinet-making technology, offering a degree of precision that greatly contributes to the quality of our finished product.

Edge Finishing

Once the router has finished cutting and profiling, each component is labeled and sent for edge banding.

The computer-controlled edge banding machine applies PVC edging to components. Each component passes through the machine several times, the trim being applied to one edge in each pass. The components return to the operator on a conveyor bed, allowing a single tradesperson to complete the edge banding stage with great efficiency.

Quality Control

Once all the cabinetry components for a complete job have been assembled, each piece is carefully inspected by a qualified tradesperson. If a defect is found, a new component is normally manufactured to replace the defective one. Once all components have passed quality inspection, the job is delivered.

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The Interloc Kitchens range is available in Sydney, NSW, ACT, Melbourne.