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Kitchen Design Guide - 4 Easy Steps

Planning your kitchen is not easy, but as a homeowner you know the importance of having a kitchen that fits the lifestyle and eating habits of your family. You can actually improve its function by strategically planning your kitchen layout and implementing it.

interloc kitchensStep 1 – Measure your space

Take careful measurements of your space. Be sure when measuring your kitchen that you measure from wall to wall, taking note of existing fixtures, doorways & windows.

  • Walls and floors
    Measure from the floor to the ceiling. The distance between walls and from the corners to the doors. Also make a record of anything that could get in the way of your cabinets such as heaters, pipes, air-con, special angles and any other major architectural features.

  • Doors and windows
    Measure the size of doors and windows, as well as the height and distance of each from the floor, ceiling and edges. It is a good idea to mark onto your drawing the space that doors and windows need to open.

  • Sockets, switches, water connections, etc
    Always note the location of existing electrical sockets. Switches. Water and gas connections. Remember that these can be moved to suit your new kitchen but will add expense to your kitchen renovation.

Your Interloc Kitchen retailer will be able to help you with measuring your room.

Step 2 – Think about layout

Getting the kitchen layouts right is one of the most important aspects when designing your new kitchen. Generally, the kitchen gets a constant stream of traffic throughout the day. It should have a layout that fits in with the lifestyle of the homeowners. Kitchen layout plans are usually chosen based on the size and shape of the kitchen, as well as how the family will use the space.

Here are four (4) of the most common kitchen layouts

Straight Line Kitchen

This layout is best when the space available for your new kitchen is limited. The straight line is a simple kitchen design and is often the most inexpensive. Best if storage kept overhead and underbench appliances utilised. Perfect for small rooms.

Straight Line Kitchen

U-Shape Kitchen

If you have a large room, and want the most efficient working area then the U-shaped kitchen is ideal. It is perfect for the demands of a family, offering maximum cabinet and benchtop space.

U-Shape Kitchen

L-Shape Kitchen

One of the most popular choices this design enables you to move freely between the various areas within the kitchen & is ideal for homes incorporating a small table for dining in the kitchen space. Great where the cook likes to be part of what’s going on.

L-Shape Kitchen

Gallery Kitchen

The galley style kitchen is a functional kitchen design that allows you to reach all areas of the kitchen with minimal walking distance. Providing a great layout with vast cabinets and benchtop space. Ideal for open plan living.

Gallery Kitchen

Step 3 – Plan your Kitchen

Now the fun part planning your kitchen, but don’t forget it’s important to give careful consideration to how you will use the space.

You will need to think about:

  • your cooking style (what, how often, with what ingredients)
  • the appliances that you are going to want/use
  • whether you want people in the kitchen with you and how many
  • do you want people sitting on the other side of the bar, talking while you cook

Here is a brief checklist that might help you plan your kitchen

    How do you use your kitchen ?
    Casual / formal / regularly / rarely

    What other cooking/entertaining areas do you have ?
    Barbecue / weber / pizza oven / grill

    How many people use the kitchen ?
    No of adults / under 5 / 6 to 12 years / teenagers / young adults

    What methods of cooking do you most often use in the kitchen area?
    Frying / grilling / baking / microwave

    What kitchen appliances do you use and how frequently ?
    Blender / juicer / coffee machine / toaster / kettle

    How often do you shop ?
    Daily / weekly / fortnightly / monthly

    What sort of food do you mainly purchase ?
    Non perishables / fruit and vegetables / meat

    What sort of seating do you require within the kitchen ?
    Preparation / breakfast / snack seating / dining seating / and for how many

    Do you prefer the following setup ?
    A breakfast bar / raised servery / casual eating area / a separate formal area

    What other facilities would you ideally like to incorporate in this area ?
    Radio / TV / phone / phone books / computer / notice pin board / message board

    Do you also need to incorporate additional storage for misc items ?
    Brooms / dustpans / cleaning products / ironing board / vacuum

Now using the four common kitchen layouts above, and referring to the working triangle design your dream kitchen. To help we have provided an Interloc Layout Grid that will assist you in drawing and deciding layout of your new kitchen.

Step 4 – Visit an Interloc Kitchens Retailer

Your Interloc Kitchens retailer will place your order, organise transportation, installation and trades. Before you know it your dream kitchen will be a reality. We have kitchen retailers in Sydney, Melbourne, NSW, VIC & ACT, to find your nearest Interloc Kitchens retailer call 1800 827 854 or use the enquiry form.

and don't forget.......

Interloc cabinets are not just for kitchens they are ideal for the laundry, bedroom, home office, garage or any where you are looking for a home storage solution and because they are already assembled in the factory they are much easier option to use than many flatpack designs.

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