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Interloc DIY Kitchen Design

At Interloc Kitchens we are proud to offer you a new and easy way to build a brand new, designer kitchen at a budget price, our range is ideal for DIY kitchen, garage cabinets, wardrobe and storage cabinets at affordable prices.

How much to spend on your DIY kitchen renovation, and where to spend it depends on how the kitchen is used, and how long you plan to own the house. Is it just a functional kitchen for food preparation or is also an entertaining area? If family and friends gather in the kitchen then it needs to have a different feel, provide more space for people to stand or sit. If you plan to sell the house in a year or two it may be worth a major kitchen renovation and suggest using the Artline Kitchens range. Remember the appeal of the kitchen is one of the most important considerations for new home buyers.

A careful redesign and skilled DIY person can make a DIY kitchen more spacious, provide more storage, be user friendly and turn a mess into a gem. However changing the configuration costs money because it usually means new plumbing, getting an electrician in to move wires and possibly alteration to wall construction, windows and doors. You may have to strip it back to the floors and walls and rebuild it from new.

Straight Line Kitchen U-Shape Kitchen L-Shape Kitchen Gallery Kitchen

But if the layout is fine, and you feel comfortable with DIY, you can renovate a kitchen relatively cheaply with the Interloc DIY Kitchen range. A dramatic difference can be made by simply changing the colour scheme, replacing old cupboard and bench tops for new, replacing appliances exactly where they were and improving lighting.

By DIY kitchen renovating, designing the layout, demolishing cabinetry and removing old appliances, engaging trades, supervising renovating, and painting yourself, you could shave 30% of these costs. DIY renovation of a kitchen can save you quite a few thousand dollars but it needs some skill, motivation and time. DIY can be extremely satisfying especially when you spend so much time in a kitchen - you get to appreciate and be proud of your own work and creative decisions.

Take a further look at our kitchen design guide to help work out how best to design you kitchen.

To find out more about our DIY kitchen solutions call 1800 827 854 or use the enquiry form.

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The Interloc Kitchens range is available in Sydney, NSW, ACT, Melbourne.